Kiss Tribute Hotter Than Hell

May 16th Doghouse Presents : THE BURNING HELL + The Tiny Minds


TBH In The Stacks


7 DOGHOUSE members : £7 advance from Revo (no booking fee), Jumbo or Ticketweb: £8 Door
JSA FREE entry : Low income price on the door

Upstairs in the Archway Room at Arden Road Social Club.
Limited capacity. No age restrictions.
On stage around 9.15
Large free car park

We are very pleased to welcome back Canada's The Burning Hell to play the intimate space of the Archway Room at Arden Road. Please note the band will be on stage around 9.15pm and advance tickets are now on sale via ticketweb, revo and jumbo. Members please note, we recommend buying in advance for this one.

The seventh Burning Hell album is a collection of eight short stories drawn from different sections of the bookshelf of the brain. A murder mystery rubs shoulders with a biography, while a romance leansagainst a prison diary. There’s a killer priest, a nameless band lost in Yorkshire, and Elvis and Michael Jackson moonwalking their way into space and/or global annihilation. Despair and hope go hand in hand here, and although Mathias Kom’s songwriting has never been wordier, the stories never stranger, and the band never louder, the essence of The Burning Hell remains constant: life is not really so bad, as long as you can laugh a little and you have something decent to read.


1 / A1: The Stranger - (murder mystery) - 05:56
2 / A2: The Road - (music biography) - 05:15
3 / A3: Fuck The Government, I Love You - (romantic comedy) - 04:17
4 / A4: Men Without Hats - (coming-of-age story) - 03:47
5 / B1: Good Times - (true crime) - 04:26
6 / B2: Give Up - (literary criticism / philosophy) - 05:07
7 / B3: Two Kings - (science fiction / fantasy) - 04:21
8 / B4: Nonfiction - (romance) - 05:57

The Burning Hell is the alter-ego of Canadian songwriter Mathias Kom, and the band has been on the road in one form or another since 2007, playing everywhere from festivals like Glastonbury and Dawson City to bars, living rooms, abandoned bunkers, and a mental asylum in rural France. Musically, The Burning Hell runs the gamut from introspective folk to hyperactive rock and roll, and so the band can adapt to its surroundings like a karma of anthropomorphic chameleons, taking the audience on a supermarket-cart ride through hooky, upbeat pop songs, dark ballads about pet euthanasia, and anthems for barbarians, economic conferences, and love.

On occasion, Mathias goes on the road as a duo with clarinetist Ariel Sharratt, and their debut album “Ariel Sharratt & Mathias Kom: Don’t Believe The Hyperreal” came out in November 2015. More often, Mathias and Ariel are joined by bassist Nick Ferrio, drummer Jake Nicoll and guitarist Darren Browne. The Burning Hell will release Public Library, a new album of distorted story-songs, in April 2016, and they’ll spend the better part of the spring and summer in their natural habitat: the
tour van.

The Tiny Minds are a groove based guitar pop quartet riding a new wave of British pop music. Influenced by sounds of the 60’s & 90’s, philosophical & poetic, with universal appeal. A sound that evolved in the bubble of Hebden Bridge, ready to burst on to the scene.



Tickets Revo Records (no booking fee), Halifax &

Doghouse Presents : EMMA POLLOCK + Derrieres + Niamh O'Leary


May 27th - EMMA POLLOCK + Derrieres + Niamh O'Leary

Arden Road Social Club : Doors : 8.00pm

£9 advanced tickets from Revo & Arden Rd Social (no booking fee) Jumbo or on-line

“The Dusty Springfield of cerebral indie pop. In a field of her own” UNCUT [8/10] 
“beautifully crafted…an excellent record” MOJO [4/5] – LEAD REVIEW
“sumptuous songs…bewitching…breathtaking” THE SUNDAY TIMES “one of our most vital, poetic and singular voices – a career high” THE HERALD
“a poignant but punchy triumph.” SKINNY [4/5]
“an immensely personal album…a dynamic talent.” THE ARTS DESK [5/5]

If Emma’s long-awaited - very long-awaited - new album ‘In Search of Harperfield’, explores themes of family, place and time, then the urgent call and response of ‘Parks and Recreation’ finds us in the company of a younger Pollock: engaged in a fight or flight scenario with local bams, and delivering us a gilt-edged slab of alternative pop in the process.

From her career as a principal songwriter with The Delgados through her excellent brace of solo long players, Emma Pollock’s ability to craft leftfield earworms has never been in doubt; with her new album’s debut single, the diminutive Glaswegian has broken her half-decade’s silence with the barreling rhythms of her former band and the urgent guitars of alt-pop heroes Tanya Donnelly and Kristin Hersh. Placing those taut guitars and infectious rhythms to one side though, it’s Emma’s vocal that really elevates ‘Parks and Recreation’ to another level of beguiling

After years of playing in bands of various genres Nathan Robinson (guitar, lead vox, ex part-time bingo caller) and Liam Pringle (bass, semi-lead vox, Portugese born plumber) decided to start a group playing no nonsense music without any construct of set genre. Being in their early thirties they found juggling family time and work with the band hard but soon they realised that this band was the one thing ethereal in this mundane life, so the next step was finding a drummer with the same ideas. Four drummers later they found him in the shape of Bobby Shanks jnr (drums, backing vox, fourth generation Scotch myth and funny man). Now they really started finding their groove. And that groove comes out of them sounding like a raw yet well written barrage of three minute sagas that dont need the use of guitar pedals, effects or any of the other gimics that make up a lot of music on the airwaves.
It is this duality of a none grandiose simple sound mixed with complex well crafted songs that makes Derrieres a band that doesnt claim to be the best in the world but does do what they set out to do. And that is to play visceral, raw, structured songs in a tongue in cheek style and to have fun in the process.
They have played a string of gigs locally but most notably at Todmorden Town Hall to a sold out crowd and recently at the Night and Day Cafe in Manchester. With a few crackers already lined up for this year hopefully 2016 will catapult Derrieres out of the Calder Valley and onto a bigger stage near you. Keep 'em peeled. 

Early 2016 has seen the making of a four track EP called She Is Faith, of which the title track is a 60's garage infused indie song. Followed by Piece Of Me which features Liam Pringle as lead vox and is a grungy pop song with a hard hitting chorus and a big bass driven bridge. Outside Yours is a 3 minute garage story about a real life stalker. Then finally Ricky's Got A Discoball, a fast and hard rock epic of Iggy and the Stooges like proportions.
There are two videos from this ep featured on youtube and all the others can be found on the bands soundcloud account.

 Tickets Revo Records (no booking fee), Halifax &


Dr Feelgood



The one and only.....


Hailing from Canvey Island, Essex, they are best known for early singles like "Back in the Night" and "Roxette". Although their most commercially productive years were the early to mid 1970s, they continue to tour and record to this day. The group's original distinctively British R&B sound was centred on Wilko Johnson's choppy guitar style. Along with Johnson, the original band line-up included singer Lee Brilleaux and the rhythm section of John B. Sparks, known as "Sparko" on bass guitar[1] and John Martin, known as "The Big Figure", on drums. Like many pub rock acts, Dr. Feelgood were known primarily for their high energy live performances, although studio albums like Down by the Jetty (1974) and Malpractice (1975) were also popular. Their breakthrough 1976 live album, Stupidity, reached number one in the UK Albums Chart (their only chart-topper). But after the follow-up Sneakin' Suspicion, Johnson left the group due to perceived conflicts with Lee Brilleaux. He was replaced by John 'Gypie' Mayo. With Mayo, the band was never as popular as with Johnson, but still enjoyed their only Top Ten hit single in 1979, with "Milk and Alcohol".


Since releasing their first single Roxette in 1974, Dr Feelgood proved they have a back catalogue to stand the test of time. Members of the audience young enough to know the music only through their parents and even grandparents got the chance to celebrate with the fans who were wild enough to be there first time around.



Support from;


Blind Dead McJones was never a fan of being in the spotlight, no number 1 singles, cheesy videos or appearances on celebrity cooking programmes. A true Bluesman in every sense of the word, living a life on the road shrouded in mystery. Some say he died years ago in an agriculture related accident, some say he is part of the keyzer soze family and some say he now makes Halloween costumes for dogs. One thing we know for sure is he is responsible for bringing together the blues rock behemoth that is The Blind Dead McJones Band.


Back in 2008 McJones was a lost and tortured soul, wandering the earth just like Kane in Kung Fu. Battling with his demons and struggling to keep going through the Hell that is the music business. All he needed was a friendly face, a pack of smokes and something to help him once again shake the earth to its very core, bring grown men to tears, turn sophisticated women once again into sreaming schoolgirls, and well and truly cement his place alongside the Gods.


He found all this and more when he met…


“The Boys”!


Ben “Buddy” Slack – Andy “The Cake” Johnson – Steve “Wee-Man” Nixon


“The Boys” are three of the finest young musicians in their price range. Nobody knows exactly why McJones decided to switch from working with battle hardened top of the line professional musicians to these three. Maybe it was their youthful enthusiasm, their quirky sense of humour, their undying love of the music and performing, the raw magnetism of Ben’s beard, most likely he was just a bit strapped for cash. Whatever his reasons were he took the boy’s under his wing like a goddamn chicken and educated them in his ways, raised them as his own and turned them into the best backing band he could afford.


The Story doesn’t end there though.


The debut performance of The Blind Dead McJones Band came around and you’d never guess what happened! The great Blind Dead McJones failed to show! This left the Boy’s in what could be classed as a “tricky situation”, what’s a backing band to do with no one to back? The Boy’s decided to simply play and have some fun. Guitarist Ben “Buddy” Slack donned his best McJones vocal impression and they winged a performance to a mediocre reaction from a confused crowd.


This is how our tale has continued over the years with McJones absence being one of the most consistent elements of The Blind Dead McJones Band. The Boy’s have embraced this with open arms and relished the opportunity to develop themselves as a 3 piece band. They’ve taken the great blues lessons learnt from McJones and infusing them with their other influences and quirky sense of humour to create their own original sound.


McJones seems happy with the arrangement as well, acting as a silent partner in the bands development. Advising the boys on all things blues and still making the occasional cameo appearance.




Halloween fancy dress and make up optional.


TICKET ONLY.... on sale from February 11th. Entry £16.

Available from Arden Rd Social Club, online and Halifax outlets as yet to be arranged.



Doors 7.00pm, first band on stage 8pm sharp.


Late bar serving a selection of real ales, lagers, fine wines and spirits.

Pie-Eck artisan pies, peas and gravy available at this event.


Plenty of free off-road car parking.

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